Don’t Break The Bank: Tips From a Stylist On Staying Fresh

If your hair is starting to look or feel a little dull after several weeks away from the salon, we’ve got a few solutions. Hairdresser and beautician Sarah Little is joining us with her advice on the best practices for quarantine beauty. There’s no need to give up on your hair just because you’re stuck at home. Plus, with the Singapore Circuit Breaker set to end June 1, these tips will help you make your reentry into society affordable, and glamorous!

Beautiful Hair At Home

Let It Grow

If you usually dye your hair, don’t be ashamed to let your roots grow out. Your style may even look like an expensive and trendy ombre! Just make sure that it’s not too harsh, if that’s the case, it may be time to turn to other remedies. 

Sarah’s Tip: “I keep telling my clients that this may just be a sign that it’s time to embrace their natural color for a little while! Growing out your hair can be uncomfortable at first, but once it’s done, their hair will be so much healthier.”

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Box

Boxed hair dye gets bad rep, but it could be your saving grace. If you absolutely can’t stand the sight of your hair, then it may be time to turn to the box. Make sure you pick the right color and get help from someone you trust, because color correction can get really pricey! 

Sarah’s Tip: “Color correction is one of the most expensive and time consuming services we offer. So be careful, and avoid bleach at all costs.”

Get Your Shine On

Have some fun with your hair care at home. If you’ve run out of your favourite salon products with no way to replenish them, now is the perfect time to get creative. You can make your own hair mask using an array of ingredients like honey, egg, coconut oil, and avocado. Check out this list of hair masks from Good Housekeeping to find a targeted recipe!

Sarah’s Tip: “You really can’t go wrong with an all natural hair mask. This is a super cheap way to get your hair glowing without the chemicals that are in a lot of store bought products.”

Play With Your Style

If you’re not ready to grow out your roots and don’t trust store-bought hair dye, you can always embrace a new style altogether. There’s plenty of updo’s that can help hide your roots or it may be as simple as switching up your part. 

Sarah’s Tip: “I’ve been Face-timing some of my clients to help them create a hair plan and a lot of them love their new style so much i’m not sure if they’ll ever go back. And some people have just decided it’s best to wear a hat.”

Written by

Annie Echols

Last updated on

May 19th 2020, 12:32 pm

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