Invest in What You Consume: A Day in Investing (Part 1)

Chatting with a friend just the other day, she mentioned that as someone who would like to begin investing, she’s taken aback by the thousands of companies on the stock exchange. It seemed daunting with all the acronyms and unfamiliar terms.

I then decided to knock out an easy example for her to ease into the names of these listed companies.


Your alarm rings and your day starts! You wake, wash up, and rush to catch the public bus. (SBS Transit, SGX: S61). Your phone is connected to the 4G network (Singtel, SGX: Z74.SI) and during your commute, you scroll through your Facebook and Instagram feed (Facebook, NDQ: FB).

After a long morning on your workstation – Lenovo Thinkpad (Lenovo Group, HKG: 0992), it’s time for lunch. You head down to Bugis Junction Mall (CapitaLand Mall Trust, SGX: C38U) for lunch at Ajisen (Japan Food Holding, SGX: 5OI). You split the bill with your colleague using the e-payment app Paylah! (DBS Group, SGX: D05)

Before heading back to the office, you purchase your favourite Pink Dolphin drink (Yeo Hiap Seng, Y03) from Cold Storage (Dairy Farm International Holdings, SGX: D01).


After a long day of work, you take a cab back home (Comfortdelgro Corporation Ltd, SGX: C52). Reaching home, you continue your gaming quest with The Legend of Zelda on your Nintendo Switch (Nintendo Co., TYO: 7974).

Before going to bed, you watch a new release from the K-pop girlband Twice (JYP Entertainment Corp, KOSDAQ: 035900).

What a day!

Look out for Part 2 when we talk about investing in what you consume.

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Written by

Sha Osman

Last updated on

April 30th 2019, 7:16 am

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