Everyone has experienced moments of red-hot rage and complaining is definitely easier than being optimistic and positive. However, your mental health is an important piece in your financial health. A positive and clear mindset keeps you going in tough times and makes it easier to focus on accomplishing your financial goals.

This attitude, along with optimism positively affects your mental being and financial health. Optimism doesn’t mean ignoring reality, it is the belief and confidence that goodness pervades reality.

Here are some ways to create a happy and sound financial future for yourself:

Picture your achievements and celebrate them

You’ve probably heard of vision boards. Try making your very own ‘financial’ vision board that relates to your personal finance goals. Write down your ideal financial life – what do you want your financial life to look like and goals you wish to accomplish. This will give you a powerful mental picture of what you want to attract.

As you make your way through the board, take pride in your achievements. For example, if you’ve stuck to your monthly budget – congratulate yourself! 

Set optimistic goals that are realistic

Think long and hard about your financial goals. Map out your path by creating a series of smaller steps that lead to your goal. The toughest part is sticking to the plan. Set affirmative reminders to remember what your goals are worth.

 Additionally, always think twice before posting your negative thoughts on social media. There is enough negative energy out there. But, that doesn’t mean you ignore your highs and lows. Be honest about your problems to family and friends instead of ranting on social media.

Write down your money mantra

Make it a habit to write down positive statements regularly. For example a statement like – “I will be debt free in a year”. This will help you stay focused on your financial picture. In fact, we release #MidweekMantra every week on our Instagram (@wealthupwithus) – check it out for inspiration!  

Surround yourself with positive energy

Our financial and mental well-being is heavily influenced by the people around us. Ask yourself if you’re spending time with the right people for your happiness and health – do your friends encourage you to spend or splurge? do your family members inculcate a habit of saving?

Surround yourself with people who give you a boost, who want to learn and respect your goals, and want to help you get there. 

Remember you’re not bad at money!

Making a poor financial decision in the past, or feeling guilty about splurging on yourself doesn’t mean you are bad at money. Having control over your finances is not easy, so stop telling yourself you’re bad at it! Instead, read up more on personal finance as you build your confidence over time too. 

The financial upside of being an optimist

Your mind is a busy thought factory. So, your thoughts become your actions. Adopt a positive mindset and find the motivation to move towards achieving your goals.

Photo Source: Binti Malu from Pexels