My Worst Investment Ever: Michael Lebowitz

MWIE: Michael Lebowitz

An original by Dr. Andrew Stotz, My Worst Investment Ever features investors and financial titans from around the world to share their heartbreaking tales of investment misfortune.

Listen and discover the best practices for risk management that will keep you in the game.

In This Episode…

Michael Lebowitz brings more than 25 years of financial markets and risk management experience as a portfolio manager at RIA Advisors.

Throughout his career, Michael has been involved in trading portfolio construction and risk management, involving some of the largest and most active portfolios in the world.

In addition to broad institutional experience, he has also built a successful independent investment advisory, which allowed him to further extend his experience into the realm of investment management for individuals and family offices.

Michael’s background and experience are the product of a diverse career path that affords him a unique investment and economic perspective, grounded in logic and common sense. He blends his vast trading and investment experience with economic viewpoints that deliver pragmatic and actionable thought leadership to clients.

Lose a Client or Invest in a Tech Company
Back in 2012, when Michael and his partner started their management firm, one of their biggest clients approached them to invest in a computer chips company. And because this client was putting in a huge amount of money to their firm, they could not say no to him.

Although the pitch was decent because it promised them great potential and even greater results, Michael admitted that he and his partner did not have any idea what they just had gotten themselves into. However, they were pretty convinced that if they didn’t put a decent amount of money into this tech company, they might lose their client.

All Is Not Well In The End
Michael and his partner thought the payout would be in two or three years. As it turns out, they invested in 2012, and they still haven’t gotten any returns from that investment in 2019. Not to mention, the problems piling up with the development of the chips and constantly raising more money and diluting Michael. To make matters worse, that particular client left his firm a year and a half later for other reasons.

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Cheryl Toh

Last updated on

March 23rd 2020, 3:01 pm

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