Hive Up and Wealth In Asia Relaunch as Wealthup: A One-stop Platform to Democratise Financial Literacy

Singapore – 13 May 2019

Hive Up, a leading fintech provider of financial literacy content, and Wealth in Asia, a regional wealth services provider, have come together to relaunch as WealthUp – a one-stop financial literacy platform. 

The merger brings the best of both firms together and will unlock much needed resources and support for individuals and enterprises in Asia.


“Until now, the right tools to lead Asian-based individuals and enterprises to financial freedom has been reserved for high-net-worths. Our vision with WealthUp is to democratise this for all by tapping into Hive Up’s financial literacy resources and Wealth In Asia’s digital platform to efficiently find and connect investors with the right wealth service providers,” said Qiuyan Tian, the Head of WealthUp.


On WealthUp, users will be able to access an expanded array of financial content, advisory matching wealth services, and a new line of financial literacy workshops and webinars that can also be optimized for compliance training and continuing education purposes for enterprise clients and their employees.

One of the greatest barriers preventing individuals from improving their financial wealth-being is that today’s resources are jargon-heavy and unrelatable. We take great pride in bringing accessible, comprehensive and easy-to-understand resources to each person so individuals know they are never alone on this journey.  

- Tian Qiuyan

WealthUp will build on Hive Up’s established brand and continue to produce workshops and various forms of content (i.e. articles, infographics, podcasts, etc.) to aid in the financial literacy journey, along with digital tools to help individuals and enterprises plan and manage personal finances.

This includes heavily ramping-up their workshop and webinar schedule, which includes Investing 101, Fundamental Analysis, Bonds, and Options to name a few, and is the primary reason a community of over 7,000 individuals are taking control of their financial health – whether in person or online.

It will also continue to utilize Wealth In Asia’s proprietary technology, which helps people connect to an investment advisor based on their individual needs. It will feature the latest investment news, wealth management ideas, and information, as well as expert insights for consumers to continue to grow their wealth.  

With our unique technology, we are now seeing a fundamental change in the way everyday people are empowered to change their financial health and start investing.

- Charles Wong


WealthUp is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Privé Technologies, an award-winning wealth management technology company in Asia and Europe. The firm acquired Hive Up and Wealth In Asia to further extend its patented and proprietary end-to-end modular platform of delivering financial products and services to the wealth management industry.

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About WealthUp:

WealthUp is the combination of two brands, Wealth In Asia and Hive Up. Wealth In Asia and Hive Up joined forces in order to better educate every consumer about their investment options, and to ensure every person can be connected with a broker. Through the use of engaging content, workshops, webinars, partnered advisors, as well as a tight-knit financial community, individuals will be empowered to take control of their financial health.

To learn more about WealthUp, please visit

10 Winstedt Road, Block C Suite 18
Singapore 227977
Telephone: +65 6521 6690
Email: [email protected]

About Privé Technologies

Privé Technologies is a modular solution for the wealth and asset management industry and comprises more than 11 state-of-the-art modules powered by its bionic advisory engine, which include wealth planning, risk profiling, investment exploration, algorithmic optimization, and personal reporting. Privé Technologies serves a range of wealth management clients across Asia and Europe, including external asset managers, multi-family offices and banks by offering a wide range of connectivity options to custodial and distribution platforms.

To learn more about Privé Technologies, please visit

Privé Technologies
2/F, 79-85 Bonham Strand Road,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Telephone: 852 3157 1234
Email: [email protected]

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Last updated on

June 10th 2019, 5:23 pm

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