Interview: Dan Liebau, Founder, Lightbulb Capital

Dan Liebau

Michael Waitze, Founder and Host of Asian Fintech Podcast recently had an interesting chat with Dan Liebau, Founder, Lightbulb Capital – a corporate finance boutique with a focus on FinTech and Blockchain.

Based in Singapore, he was previously the Chief Operating Officer at HSBC Singapore. Today, he aims to build the next generation financial services and driving innovation education with his company, Lightbulb Capital.

In this conversation, Dan Liebau shares more on:

  • Perception from smaller companies on fintech in comparison to large MNCs
  • Trends on cryptocurrency and the adoption of blockchain
  • Cultivating growth in the financial ecosystem

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Written by

Cheryl Toh

Last updated on

September 6th 2019, 6:02 pm

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