Podcast 18 – Are You Selling the Right Thing?

Robo-Advisor, Financial Advisor, Podcast

This week we started with a seemingly simple question…

“What makes a good Financial Advisor?”

Seemingly simple, but we had an entire conversation around just this issue. We also ventured into the topic of what it takes to train an advisor and what the differences were between hiring a new graduate and hiring a career switcher.

Training a new graduate comes with challenges, but so does training someone in the midst of a career change.

Financial Advisor, Podcast, Robo Advisor

Which becomes more important? Teaching domain knowledge (which should be eminently teachable) to an experienced salesperson or hiring someone with what I will call the right EQ and teaching them both sales and product.

We also discussed how existing training programs, regardless of career stage remain very PowerPoint focused…just dumping a lot of knowledge on a salesperson and putting them on the phone, particularly on the retail brokerage side.

Finally, we discussed the future of advisory…touching on both Robo and Bionic advisors. We finished with a phrase I really liked to explain Bionic Advisory…”optimized by a system, guided by a person’.

We will talk more about that in the future.

Written by

Sha Osman

Last updated on

September 6th 2019, 6:05 pm

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