Different Personalities In The Office And How To Work With Them

The personalities in our Privé’s Singapore office have been assigned various personality types based on their 16 personalities test results. Find out if you could relate to these personality types, and how to work with them the best! 

Architect (INTJ)

Such as… Elliot Braet (Product Management), Jane Toh (Design) and Wani Azhar (Content Marketing)

Architects rarely need outside help to work on intellectually-interesting tasks. They get easily annoyed by traditional management techniques like trust-building group activities, daily stand-ups and “catch up” meetings which are time-consuming and backwards-looking (though sometimes necessary, they would rather focus on tasks that are forward-looking). They want to achieve their goals with the technical excellence of the highest standard.

They like to be surrounded by people who share the same values as themselves. They are independent and don’t like to be pushed into roles where their freedom is restricted. They need direction from an open-minded manager to be able to become experts in what they do.

How To Work With Them: As they are mostly objective-driven, they start with the end in mind. It’s good to share with them a project’s objectives rather than how to do it (as they’d probably find a way that suits them the best to get there).

Advocate (INFJ)

Such as… Sourabh Jain (Project Management)

The rarest personality type (i.e. less than 1% of the population) has a sense of idealism and morality which comes to them by birth. An advocate has the capability of taking strong steps to achieve their ultimate goal and also leave a positive mark wherever they go.

This personality type’s most important purpose in life is to help others. But their passion lies in getting to the crux of the problem or to the core of it so that people do not need help at all in the first place. They are interested in doing only that work which has meaning in them. The work they do should help people and should also help himself/herself in their personal growth.

They are free souls and cannot work with strict rules and formal structures. Their manager needs to be more open-minded and have a personal touch in their supervision. 

How To Work With Them: Having their heart in the tasks that they do, it’s important to share with them the value of a certain project and the effect on how their contribution is driving its development.

Campaigner (ENFP)

Such as…  Qiuyan Tian (Co-Founder)

Campaigners are only 7 % of the population and are independent, energetic and very charming. They are very good at people-pleasing and know how to build relationships with clients or can even very easily pitch their idea or product to acquire new ones. They love to explore new ideas and work on those ideas alongside people who share the same level of excitement regarding that idea. They are very diplomatic and also possess excellent listening skills.

These qualities suggest that campaigners do not value hierarchy and feel that everyone is the same. They see their subordinates as no less and also views them as their friends. 

How To Work With Them: As they take a genuine interest in their colleagues, they would want an authentic experience and often seek emotional intensity. Try to think out of the box when it comes to presenting your ideas to them, or get creative when it comes to discussions and brainstormings – they value novelty!

Commander (ENTJ)

Such as… Aditya Gupta (Marketing) and Rakesh Selvaraj (Project Management)

They are as the name suggests inborn leaders. They possess charisma, confidence and can lead people in the direction of a common goal. They can be highly rational, are driven and determined to achieve whatever they wish to achieve.

Since they are more leaders and like to command or give instructions, it is difficult for them to work as a subordinate. They have the potential to be high achievers and can very easily learn new skills and take up new challenges. They can also work hard enough to achieve the impossible as well.

How To Work With Them: They need to be managed in a way that they remain engaged and satisfied with their work all the time. What does that mean? Give them a challenge, and they’ll be happy to overcome them in stride. 

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Written by

Cheryl Toh

Last updated on

January 10th 2020, 4:31 pm

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