Finding The Good In Bad Times

Image by Fathromi Ramdlon from Pixabay

The Covid-19 pandemic is undoubtedly tragic, but when times are hard – it’s the little things that mean the most. Taking a step back to count our blessings, here are some positive impact that the terrible pandemic may have caused. 

A More Connected You
Now that the commute journey, strict work hours and late nights are (mostly) out of the question, you now have the opportunity to use this time to recalibrate your relationships with your family, friends, and even yourself. Being laid off or being forced to work from home may seem arduous, but everyone can appreciate the extended time with loved ones they have been gifted. 

A More Eco-Friendly You
If there’s one thing that you likely took for granted before the lockdown, it’s the environment. While the COVID-19 restrictions may see only short-term environmental benefits, the crisis also presents an opportunity to plan better for the environmental future. With less pollution, these changes have made positive impact for Mother Earth and could be the start of a greener future.

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

– John Lennon

A Better Skilled You
With more free time on your hands throughout the day, you can finally attend the online courses you have always wanted. Whether it’s for self-development, career progression, or simply to pick up a new hobby, take this opportunity to improve your skills and future-proof yourself.

A Healthier You
Other than learning new skills, it’s also time to train! No more excuses of not hitting the gym (it’s closed anyway!) or having no time. Afterall, it barely takes a minute to lay out your gears and get right into your work out. What’s more, you now have better control of your diet and nutrition seeing that you have more time to cook your own meals.

A More Thankful You
It may feel like the world is collapsing around you – and for some, it’s worse than others – but there are still so many to feel thankful for. For those that are keeping safe, you now treasure your health and wellbeing more than ever. You also tend to be more appreciative of your loved ones, and the blessings that you can still call your own.

Written by

Annie Echols

Last updated on

April 24th 2020, 4:12 pm

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