Love & Money: Balancing Your Relationship And Business

Working with your partner brings a whole new set of challenges to any relationship. It can become difficult to separate work issues and personal issues. Business fights bleed into household fights, and vice versa. But, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your relationship for your business goals. 
Today we’ve talked with a couple that has mastered the art of balancing love and business! We’ve collected their best tips to help you and your partner.

Let’s Talk About: Balancing Your Relationship And Business

It can be a tricky situation; mixing love and business. Emotions run hot and you’ve got money on the line. But there’s a few ways to avoid a blowout. We’ve gathered some pointers from two experts!

Dave and Laura are both career marketers, it’s something they love about each other. They’ve been married for 15 years and have worked together for more than 14 years. They own a media company, with Dave as President and Laura as the VP of Sales. To make it even harder, they work from home. 

Both Dave and Laura worked for large corporations and never mixed business with pleasure before they set off on their own. While it’s challenging to manage their relationship and business all under one roof, they’ve found some ways to thrive.

Treat It Like Any Other Workplace

Just because you live and work with your spouse, doesn’t mean you should change the workplace rules. Even when you’re working from home!

Dave’s Tip: “If you are both working from home, take breaks together. Take your full lunch hour or whatever that you would normally take in the office!”

Laura’s Tip: “Focus on the positive and strengths you contribute because each person is different, no matter if you’re in a relationship or not.”

Keep It Separate

Try to separate work and business as much as possible. But. also remember that it’s normal to talk about difficult problems or workplace drama.

Dave’s Tip: “Don’t take work home too much but don’t be afraid to discuss things and work through problems off-site either. Venting about things is counter productive so limit that as much as possible.”

Laura’s Tip: “Keep separate work spaces and separate the work from personal. Even though we’re seasoned pros, that can be difficult for us.”

Their Keys To Success

It takes time to perfect the balance, and every couple is different. Laura and Dave said they owe their success and happiness to a few tips that they’ve learned over the years. 

Dave’s Tip: “Don’t be afraid to take the side opposite your spouse if you think your spouse is wrong. It might be awkward at first, but it’s just business.”

Laura’s Tip: “Wake up happy and seize the day. Oh, and make sure you have coffee ready for your husband by 8am!”

Written by

Annie Echols

Last updated on

July 23rd 2020, 12:26 pm

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