The Most Fun and Well Paying Jobs in the World

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There are jobs which pay well but are not really that fun or interesting. Then there are jobs that are fun but don’t exactly pay the bills – but with these jobs, you get both!

Personal Shopper

A personal shopper helps others by giving suggestions on what they should wear, not wear and what to buy. They are normally hired by boutique stores or as freelancers by busy celebrities, professionals and other high net worth individuals.

They mainly help out with clothes but also get hired by furniture retailers nowadays. No qualifications are usually required other than some related retail experience. Additionally, they help with closet organising and event styling as well. 

Show Me The Money: About USD33,626/year

Marine Biologist

If you love swimming over other sports and like to take a dip in the water with the fish instead of playing ball on the sand, then this is the profession for you. Being a marine biologist involves doing scientific studies on marine life, and swimming in the clear blue waters – heck, yes!

Show Me The Money: About USD28/hour

Mystery Shopper

Usually hired by a retail company to assess how things operate in-store, mystery shopper shops at the expense of someone else or the company to understand and rate the customer experience, staff service, product knowledge, and cleanliness for a particular retail store.

Show Me The Money: Up to USD16.08/hour

Interior Designer

Can’t get enough of watching home makeovers, renovations, and decorating? You should try your hand at being an interior designer. It is not limited to just deciding what furniture, furnishings, colour scheme, and placements of items. However, an interior designer need to know how to build codes and know about inspection regulations.

Show Me The Money: About USD63,190/ year


A person who is obsessed with chocolate and wishes to know everything about it or is passionate about understanding chocolate should become a chocolatier. A professional chef who understands chocolate, learn how to make the best, indulging chocolates with this job!

Show Me The Money: USD39,546/ year

Supercar Instructor

If you like the thrill of driving and being in a fast super-car with the likes of Ferraris and Bugattis of the world, then the “Supercar Driving Instructor” profession is for you.

Supercar owners many times do not know the best way to drive their cars and how to make the most out of these fancy rides. They often pay experts to make them understand the car functions and how to manoeuvre these cars. The instructors would usually provide them with the training to drive their supercars in the best way possible. 

Show Me The Money: About USD44,061/ year

Food Critic

Everyone claims to be a foodie these days, but a true food critic gets paid for it! 

A profession for those who love to eat, try out new cuisines and share your views on them. Food Critics are usually freelancers and some times hired by weekly lifestyle magazines or even restaurants who want top critics to write about their food and ambience.

Show Me The Money: About USD79,000/year.

Professional Video Gamer

A serious video gamer who really cares about winning every level or a round of a game can pursue the career of a professional video gamer. This profession involves gamers to play in front of live audiences on YouTube and 

Show Me The Money: As they also participate in eSports competitions and for a matter of fact, their all-time top earner made USD6,882,440.18 in one game.

Let's Have Some Fun

This is just a few cherry-picked list of professions that one may find amusing, fun and also pays well. It all boils down to what you’re interested in, good at, love to do and wish to pursue that work/job as a full-time profession. Afterall, author Ray Bradbury once said: “Love what you do and do what you love.”. Find the balance between passion and purpose, and you’ll find joy at work. 

*All salary data have been taken from,,,, economic research institute and 

Written by

Cheryl Toh

Last updated on

December 10th 2019, 2:08 pm

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