Top 5 Mindsets To Create Success

First things first, get this in your head – success is defined by you. Sure, there could be some key similarities on what success feels or looks like, but only you can measure your success. 

Whether it’s by income, designation, status, net worth, family life, or even leisure activities, it’s important to work toward that goal without letting other people’s definition of success change what you want – which comes to our first point.

Success Is Internal, Rarely External

If you think being successful means having enough for your daily expenses, having a roof over your head, and the time to spend with your family; perhaps a job that takes up most of your day isn’t the one for you. 

On the other hand, if being successful means to be able to help others, grab the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise in a sharing session for your colleagues, friends, or even community. 

There are no cookie cutter answers in defining success – but there are the ingredients to make them happen, and it begins with you.

You As A Business

View yourself as a business, where some of the important things include purpose, process, and people. 

Purpose: Are your goals clearly defined, and do you have a timeline for it? 

Those who view and conduct themselves as a business would have a strategic focus, clear direction and will ensure to hit their target. 

Process: Do you know how you spend your day-to-day, and how does it contribute to your overall success? 

Whether it’s a financial achievement or a personal objective, each goal would need to have a plan. Are you equipped with the right tools, information, and opportunities? Better yet, it’s key to surround yourself with the right network to reach your goal. 

People: If you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, are you selecting the right inner circle? 

While it’s fine to grow your network with anyone and everyone (as we all have something to learn from each other), it’s time to cut off toxic friendships or detrimental habits of some friends. 

If you’re always waiting around for a certain colleague to get to work together – and you know your boss is a stickler for punctuality – it’ll be hard to get that promotion if you’re seen 5 mins late everyday.

On the other hand, if you are surrounding yourself with enthusiastic go-getters, you’ll be surrounding yourself with positivity and drive towards your goal.

You might even spark a bright collaboration together for a great business idea.

Stop Thinking, Start Doing

Ever cracked your head over coming up with a brilliant idea? Good on you! However, that’s the easy part. The real struggle comes from actually executing it. 

A lot of people have great ideas that never come to fruition because they keep thinking about it, rather than doing it. As for you? Don’t be that lot.

As Gordon Hinckley once said:  “Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.” Successful people don’t wait around for success to happen, they make that success happen. 

They toil, get their hands dirty, and most importantly, they know what pain they’re willing to suffer to get there.

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You Don't Always Have To Be Right

Successful people understand that success doesn’t come without failure. If it did, then that’s just luck – and that’s not exactly a mindset to rely on. From Einstein to Oprah Winfrey, they’ve had their fare share of failures before getting it (very) right. 

Likewise, it’s alright to fail from your attempts; but it’s important to realise these mistakes and learn from it. Most people learn from their mistakes by just avoiding it the next time round. However, to truly “learn” from your mistakes, you’d have to dig a little deeper – get feedback from your mentors, seek the opinions of others, and ask for help. And if you’ve asked for feedback, remain open to new information and perspectives – which brings us to the next mindset.

See The World As It Is, Not As You Wish

Perception is projection. In an ideal world, we would probably think alike and all have one, common goal. Alas, that is not reality – but that could also be a good thing. 

Successful people don’t derail from their vision, despite the opposing views that they have. Successful people understand that forcing their ideas onto someone else would create even greater resistance. Instead, try to find common grounds and work your way through them. 

Want people to be more proactive at work? Create an incentive program. Or, thinking about a vegan movement? Focus on their taste buds, and share some of your personal delicious vegan dishes at lunch.

At the end of the day, successful people see opposing views as yet another feedback, rather than a change to make. 

Written by

Cheryl Toh

Last updated on

November 29th 2019, 2:32 pm

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