Staying Productive During The Coronavirus Outbreak

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With the Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) hitting us hard worldwide, many businesses are taking precautions when it comes to their staff. Whether it’s working from home, rotating shifts, or regular temperature screening, it has caused a shift in the way we work. Here are some tips to ensure your health and work are still at its best despite working away from the office.

Follow The Same Structure 
It takes a lot more commitment and discipline to work from home. Your usual quick breakfast could turn into a long brunch; or the comforts of your bed could make you linger longer. The trick is to start (and end) your day as you would going to the office to avoid procrastination or a burn out. 

Plan Your Day
Keeping the earlier pointer in mind, a to-do list is always handy whether in or out of the office. Segment what you’ll do and when you’ll do them over the course of the day to avoid spending too long on one task and lagging behind. Without in-person meetings breaking your momentum, remember to keep this in consideration to push you further in doing more. 

Time Like You Mean It
While detailing your calendar by the hour might keep you on track with work, another approach would be another activity as your timer. Plan to finish your deck within a laundry cycle (you get your chores done too this way!); or send out that important email during the timespan of three of your favourite songs. This might remind you of how long you’ve been on a single task without pressing the snooze button. 

Over Communicate
Without the luxury of in-person interactions, your colleagues might not be aware of what you’re up to exactly. Always use phrases such as “be back in 10 minutes”; or “running an errand, will be free after 4pm” to ensure your team is aware that you’re held up and hence, they can expect slower replies. 

Similarly, let your household know that you’re working to avoid distractions and manage expectations.

Take A Break 
It’s just as easy to procrastinate and to burn out when you’re working from home. Don’t let the guilt of working in the comforts of your home push you into working non-stop. Instead of watching a funny video (we know that doesn’t ever stop at one!), try to take a short break to grab coffee from the kitchen, or have a quick chat with others at home (but limit yourself). Breaks can do wonders to refresh your mind and body to ensure even better productivity.

Print Out: The Work-From- Home Productivity Checklist

Written by

Cheryl Toh

Last updated on

February 11th 2020, 2:05 pm

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