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Interns are not here to make us coffee, or be errand runners. Interns are treated just like any other associate and expected to contribute their knowledge, experience, and point of view to the projects they are working on.

At WealthUp, our internship programs are structured and well thought out.


Internship Positions Available

If you’re looking to make a real impact in a business and build meaningful bonds with other fellow interns and colleagues, join us.

  • Business Analyst Intern
    • You will dive deep into the data and numbers, study them, and create meaningful interpretations of the data
    • You like to spend many hours behind a computer and are in the zone
  • Marketing & Content Intern
    • You enjoy writing and have a creative force around you
    • You dabble in some design and appreciate the finer details
    • You enjoy brainstorming marketing strategies and campaigns, as well as seeing these ideas through
    • Skills in graphic design is a plus
  • Business Development Intern
    • You will work closely with the management team of the company to assist in the growth of the business
    • You enjoy researching and strategizing alternative growth strategies
    • You are fairly outgoing and enjoy meeting people in your day to day
    • You want to try your hand in selling and be damn good at it
  • Graphic Design Intern
    • You will work with our designers and marketing team to materialize visual communication ideas
  • Frontend Intern
    • You will work with our designers to convert material into HTML and CSS
  • Backend Developer Intern
    • Develop a hybrid mobile application (front end, back end)
    • Develop a web application (back end)
    • Conceptualize workflows and detail work items using systems thinking
    • Understand and integrate the user experience into the product
    • Collaborate regularly within a dynamic team in an agile environment

To apply, please send an email with your CV and a personal introduction explaining your top 3 talents to: [email protected]