Interview: Michele Ferrario, CEO, StashAway

Partnering up with Michael Waitze, Founder and Host of Asian Fintech Podcast in this interview, he sits down with Michele Ferrario, Co-Founder and CEO at StashAway on his passion for both numbers and people for as long as he can remember.

Spending half his career in and around the financial industry, while the rest saw him building consumer internet companies, the conversation highlights: 

  • Michele’s experiences working in both start-up and scale-in phase
  • Wealth management in the digital age
  • How to plan the best suited portfolios for customers
  • The competition that lies between small up-starts and existing players —banks
The reality is that there is no elevator to being wealthy, you need to take the stairs.

– Michele Ferrario

For the full interview, listen to the podcast now:

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Written by

Roma Chonkar

Last updated on

July 19th 2019, 4:52 pm

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