3 Resilient Jobs To Help Add To Your Income During Covid-19

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The global job market is going through a unique period of disruption that has never been seen before. Bolstered by the effects of the pandemic, unemployment has hit distressing levels over the last three months. This has led many who were affected to pursue alternative careers, a task that can prove difficult while also trying to decide which jobs are stable enough to survive.

Fortunately, there are certain career paths that were altering the job market before the coronavirus and are determined to stick around. For the most part, these are tech-based jobs that are poised to emerge from this pandemic relatively unscathed.

UX Designer

Artistic jobs have had a notoriously rough go during the pandemic. To the benefit of budding artists, however, there is an outlet for their creativity and taste for aesthetics in the tech world.

When it comes to constructing a website, large amounts of programming experience are needed. However, making the website functional and pleasing to the eye is just as important. That’s where UX designers come into the equation.

A basic understanding of code and visual design are the two most important skills required to pursue this profession. In today’s day and age, a formal college education is not a necessity to acquire these skills. 

Bootcamp programs with a focus on UX design offered by schools such as General Assembly are instrumental in setting you up for a lucrative design career. By using part-time and self-paced learning strategies, anyone can learn the skills needed to land a job in UX design.

Software Engineer

If you have a desire to learn programming and an interest in the development of software for businesses, then a career as a software engineer may be for you. This profession offers a wide array of duties as software engineers work with clients to determine their specific software needs. The range can be from coding video games to operating systems.

A career in software engineering comes with the potential for upward mobility, leading to high salaries. In fact, the average base pay is $109,821, according to Indeed. To join this lucrative career field, you need to be an adept computer programmer who is capable of solving complex problems and working with a team.

While these skills can seem daunting, intensive coding bootcamps are a great option for those looking to quickly obtain the required knowledge. Hack Reactor is an option that provides both full and part-time learning options to students. Prior to a few years ago, it would have taken years of traditional college to break into this career, but no longer.

Mobile Developer

Have you ever been playing a game on your smartphone and become frustrated at the constant pausing and quitting of the application? Maybe you have had an idea or two for how social media applications could be improved. If this applies to you, then you may have an inner calling to become a mobile developer.

A mobile developer is similar to a software engineer, but specializes in smartphones. Like software engineers, mobile developers can have widely different tasks, from developing apps to building new operating systems. The skills required to be a mobile developer are quite similar to that of a software engineer. For that reason, specialized programs are best for developing expertise in the field. Some of the best coding bootcamps offer in-depth instruction that will get you job-ready within a year.

What Now?

Uncertainty is always a troubling prospect and the state of the world right now has caused so much of it. Try to remember that the future is bright and we will all get through it. Whether you have lost your job, been furloughed, or are just searching for new work, jobs in technology are the most stable. 

During this pandemic, learn the skills you will need to bounce back to a better place than you were before. Keep your head up and your mind open in order to enter a new career that will grow and prosper as time moves on.

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Artur Meyster is the Founder and CTO of Career Karma, a platform that allows you to connect with peers, coaches and mentors to accelerate your technology career.

Photo Source: Burst from Pexels

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