Don’t Break The Bank: Activities for Kids

Being stuck at home all day is hard on everyone, but it can be especially tough for your little ones. They’re probably not sure why they can’t go outside and play or are missing their friends. Let’s be honest, you’re probably both in need of a distraction. We’ve come up with a list of free and affordable activities to keep your kids entertained during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Tour The World

In light of the current situation, many landmarks all over the globe are offering virtual tours. Start in Paris at The Louvre, then head to London for an up close look at all of the wonders of the British Museum, you can even roam through New York City’s famous Central Park!

You can even find the magic of Walt Disney World through Google Street, take a tour of the Taj Mahal in India, and finish off the day at the Sydney Opera House! Find a printable passport online and draw your kiddos a stamp for each country they visit.

Have A Virtual Playdate

With resources like zoom and group Facetime, it’s never been easier to stay connected. Organize a time for your kids to get a much needed dose of social interaction.

Parents can all coordinate a craft or set them up with a movie and snacks. It’s also a great opportunity for the adults to take a break or schedule a virtual happy hour!

Get Creative

You’d be surprised by the ways you can keep your kids busy using household objects. For instance, you can make your own scavenger hunt!

Send your children on a journey to find one object from every letter in the alphabet. Or if you’re looking for something simpler, every color of the rainbow. You can also help your little ones build a pillow fort or set up a living room camp-out. 

Chef It Up

Now is a great time to pass down some cherished family traditions in the kitchen. So get that recipe book out and cook with your kids. You can teach them the secret recipe for your famous carrot cake or steamed dumplings.

If you think this might be too complex or don’t have any recipes to share, you can always start a new tradition! You and your kids will truly never forget the family time you’re getting during this unprecedented time.

Supplementary Learning

If your children are school-aged, or even a little bit younger, take advantage of this time to help them get ahead.

Virtual learning platforms are proving to be a lifesaver for teachers, students, and parents alike, but if you want to take it a step further there are a lot of resources.

You can find academic materials on Scholastic, learning tutorials on YouTube, or educational shows on Netflix. Who knows, they might be so bored that they will even start to enjoy math!

Written by

Annie Echols

Last updated on

April 14th 2020, 4:31 pm

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