Don’t Break The Bank: Lockdown Activities For The Bored At Home

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At this point in the Covid-19 lockdown, you’re probably going a little bit stir crazy staying indoors. To combat the boredom, we’ve made a list of the most affordable ways to stay preoccupied while stuck inside.

Unleash Your Inner Child

Get back to the basics and rewind to a simpler time. Just think back to your favorite thing to do as a kid… and just do it!

For example, get messy with some finger painting. Or if that’s not your thing, order a coloring book online (here’s our favourite!) for some therapeutic art session. Not only do they bring you back to your favorite childhood memories, but this can serve as a great stress relief. Revisit old movies where you might end up laughing at how cringe-worthy it was, or you’ll find yourself reminiscing for your childhood bedroom. 

Happy Hour At Home 

While it’s not quite the same, hosting a mid week happy hour can help bring back a sense of normalcy. Whether it’s with your colleagues, college #BFF, gal pals, or family, get your group together and crack open a bottle of wine. 

Use this time to rant about the workweek or dream about all of the fun things you will do when lockdown ends. You can even play online games to make it more interesting. 

Get Organized 

Find a project, either big or small, and devote some time to completing it. Getting organized can serve as a great distraction and stress relief. You can tackle a different room, cabinet, or junk drawer everyday. 

Or, if you’ve had some recent big-life changes, you can reorganize your budget. Covid-19 is shaking up everyone’s life, so carve out a day to track some of the financial changes you need to make and plan accordingly. For some tips, check out our guide on how to budget during a financial crisis here.

Kick It In The Kitchen

Try a new recipe or update an old classic. Teach yourself how to make a show stopping meal and wow your next dinner party. You have plenty of time to make mistakes so don’t be afraid to go big. Cooking can provide a welcome distraction and the finished project is always rewarding. So break out your recipe book and cook something that Gordon Ramsay would be proud of, or stick to your favorite comfort food. For ideas, The Smart Local has shared some low-cost meals for you to try out! 

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Written by

Annie Echols

Last updated on

April 22nd 2020, 9:06 pm

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