Don’t Break The Bank: Moving On A Budget

Moving can take a serious toll, both emotionally and financially. It’s a stressful time, but it doesn’t always have to be overly difficult. By following a few simple guidelines, you can save money and keep things simple. Check out our tips below for a smoother way to move!

Make A Game Plan

It’s important to go into any big change with a plan, and this is no different. This will look different for everyone, ranging from an outline to a minute-by-minute schedule. But, there’s no wrong way to plan. As long as you have an idea of all the major events entailed, like how much time you will need off and if you need to hire a moving company, this will help. 

Plans often change and there is no way to calculate every challenge you may encounter. Using a timeline or moving checklist like the one below can help you save money and avoid surprises!

Get Organized

Before you even start packing, go through all of your stuff and make sure it’s clean, unbroken, and essential. Don’t be afraid to throw some things away or donate them. If you haven’t used or worn something in a year, get rid of it. Unless you may need it or it has sentimental value. Purging your unnecessary items will make for a much lighter move. Plus, if you host a yard sale or sell your unwanted things, you can make some cash to cover moving costs.

Ensure that you have packed a bag with everything you’ll need for your first night. This way you won’t have to unpack everything or run to the store for a new toothbrush!

Timing Is Key

Never pay for something you aren’t using, especially when it comes to utilities. About a month before the big move, call and schedule to cancel or transfer all of your current bills the day after you leave. While you’re at it, call all of your new utility companies and schedule them to turn back on a few days before you move into your new place. This will help you avoid paying if you don’t need to and ensure you don’t have to pay unnecessary late fees.

Make sure you know how much you owe on old bills and that you’ve paid everything off, or you may be charged interest. Also, communicate with your landlord or realtor about what utilities you’ll need to transfer.

Written by

Annie Echols

Last updated on

June 9th 2020, 12:14 pm

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