Interview: Mint Wongviriyawong, Founder, EATLAB

Mint, Founder Eatlab

Michael Waitze, Founder and Host of Asian Fintech Podcast recently had an interesting chat with Mint Wongviriyawong, Founder of EATLAB – the first company to offer leading food and beverage production companies insights into their new products by scientifically measuring consumer response.

Based in Bangkok, Mint holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, and is a scientist and peace activist. 

As for EATLAB, it uses AI, video analysis and other tools to identify attributes of the products that consumers prefer; and describe the characteristics of those naturally occurring cohorts of consumers that prefer each product variations – allowing companies to segment their products and optimize their marketing to the appropriate audiences.

In this conversation, she shares more on how:

  • Innovation and technology can enable people to express their full potential
  • Ideas and ideals work together to transform human hearts (and the world)
  • Hope and courage make the path for everlasting peace.
Written by

Cheryl Toh

Last updated on

August 7th 2019, 12:17 pm

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