Managing Partner of a Family Office in Hong Kong Resigns

Family Office Guru Resigns from Chinese Asset Manager in Hong Kong

The managing partner of CSOP Family office in Hong Kong, Nick Xiao surprisingly resigned this week from his position, as reported by

He is also on the advisory board of some European banks for their asian expansion plans.

Xiao is also an awarded academician.He was rewarded for his People’s Bank of China(PoC) research.He published an important book on China’s nascent OTC derivatives market and was also awarded for his theses for journals of PoC and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Sources say that he may have been recruited by a foreign institution to run their business in Mainland China or he may have acquired a billionaire client to manage his wealth. 

Written by

Sourabh Jain

Last updated on

September 11th 2019, 11:24 am

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