Effective Date: 1st February 2021 

1. I consent to Prive Services Singapore Pte Ltd. (Co. Reg. No. 201611939G) “Prive,” its related persons or corporations, its and their third-party service providers and its or their representatives, whether within or outside Singapore (collectively, “Prive Persons”) collecting, using, disclosing, retaining and processing all personal data and other information relating to my financial status, health and insurance coverage (“Personal Information”) that may be provided to Prive Persons or that Prive Persons possess about me (whether from me/us or a third party) for the following purposes:

(i) to conduct consumer, marketing-related or other similar research and analysis;

(ii) to provide marketing and promotional information relating to products and/or services, from time to time, that Prive Persons believe may be of interest or benefit to me, by the following modes of communication:

(a) electronic transmission to or through my *email address(es) and/or *social media account(s)

(b) with respect to all my *telephone number(s), by way of:

(i) Phone/voice call; and

(ii) SMS/MMS, (collectively, the “Purposes”)

2. I agree and consent to the following:

(i) such Personal Information may be disclosed amongst the Prive Persons for one or more of the above Purposes; and

(ii) Prive Persons disclosing such Personal Information to independent third parties and their representatives, for one or more of the above Purposes; and provide my consent to such third parties processing my Personal Information for one or more of the above Purposes.

3. I am aware that:

(i) the consent provided by me in this form is in addition to and does not supersede, vary or nullify any consent which I may have provided previously in respect of the Purposes unless my consent is withdrawn through the Mode(s) of Withdrawal.

(ii) I may withdraw the consent provided by me at any time by request in writing to:

Compliance Team
10 Winstedt Road, #03-16
Singapore 227977
Email: [email protected]

4. I hereby represent and warrant that I am the user and/or subscriber of the *telephone number(s) provided by me in this or other forms furnished to Prive Persons, and agree that I have read and understood the above provisions

* the postal and electronic mail address(es), social media account(s) and telephone number(s) in Prive Persons’ records as may be updated from time to time by notice to Prive Persons.

5. I understand and agree that my AAG representative is able to view and edit all Personal Information provided as part of the Services to enable an assessment of my insurance coverage and needs. Such assessment is based on –

The protection adequacy indicator, which is a metric to measure the sufficiency of protection against the financial consequences of specific events:

  • Death (based on 10 times your declared annual income)
  • Total Permanent Disability (based on 10 times your declared annual income)
  • Critical Illness (assuming a 6-year critical illness recovery period)
  • Accident (based on a nominal sum assured of $250,000, assuming a $3,000 medical reimbursement limit)
  • Disability Income (based on 75% of your declared income)
  • Hospitalization (based on the maximum Private Hospitalisation coverage available in the market)

Values are derived based on Life Insurance Association Singapore benchmarks, and internal inputs of AAG. It does not take into account any specialised needs I may have.

6. I agree with the privacy policy agreement of the third-party service provider.