C-Suite Conversation with Julian Schillinger, Co-Founder, Privé Technologies

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In This Episode...

Max von Poelnitz, Founder of Spoonful stars as guest host as he speaks with our very own Julian Schillinger, Co-Founder of Privé Technologies. 

A lifelong passion turned fintech success, Julian started programming at eleven and is now leading one of Hong Kong’s fastest-growing fintech companies, Privé Technologies. In this episode, hear what he has to share on:  

  • The best position to have in a growing startup
  • The challenges he faced as a technology vendor surrounded by a “build, not buy” bank mentality
  • The secrets he believes every startup aiming to be profitable should know
  • How “prepared minds meet luck” is a key factor 
  • Why it’s okay to put some great ideas on hold 

Image: Max von Poelnitz, Founder of Spoonful (left) and
Julian Schillinger, Co-Founder of P
rivé Technologies (right).

The early days (for a young company) are really tough. A lot of people have a glorified, romantic image of a lone wolf weathering the storm – but it’s actually not a particularly pleasant experience. 

-Julian Schillinger, Co-Founder, Privé Technologies

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Written by

Cheryl Toh

Last updated on

April 17th 2020, 11:43 am

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