Infographic: 5 Qualities of Every Great Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurs are creators, innovators, and self-starters. Before you leave your 9-to-5 to pursue your passion, find out if you have the top 5 qualities of being an entrepreneur.

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In A Nutshell, You Are...


Perhaps the most important of all traits for successful entrepreneurs is being self-driven and self-motivated. 

It’s more about the self-belief in your product or service – the idea that it may have a positive impact on your community or the world in some way. 

When you’re driven and motivated, you’re going to fight hard each day to build a product that has what it takes to grow strong. This draws a line between a successful entrepreneur and a regular entrepreneur. 


Taking risks is something that entrepreneurs will face a lot in their careers. Leaving a steady-paying job to start your own business is a risk itself and often requires a substantial amount of money. 

If your product or service has never been on the market before, you also put your reputation at risk. A successful entrepreneur needs to be ready to take all these risks before deciding to run their own business. 


Passion is everything. Being passionate is the secret to overcoming the setbacks that all entrepreneurs face and it builds resistance against the inevitable critics who will question your vision and abilities. 

An entrepreneur isn’t only passionate about the product; they’re passionate about their missions, they’re passionate about what their products or services mean to the lives of their customers; and they’re passionate about changing the world or disrupting an established category.

A Learner

To be an effective entrepreneur, one must always have the zeal of learning and the energy to take on responsibilities. Learning is a continuous process and one must never stop learning.  What was learned yesterday may not be adequate for today or may even be no longer correct.

An entrepreneur must approach every new situation, project or experience as beginners. Their minds should be open, ready to absorb fresh ideas and perspectives. Adopting a Beginner’s Mind helps increase their creativity, humility and gratitude, which every entrepreneur should possess. 


A lot of people misunderstand what resilience is all about. It’s not about “bouncing back”. Resilient people do not “bounce back” from hardship. They cannot “bounce back” simply because they cannot go back in time. Resilient people are able to integrate hard experiences into their lives in a way that makes them better. For an entrepreneur to be happy, successful, bold and humble, it requires the development of one virtue above all, and that’s resilience.

Written by

Cheryl Toh

Last updated on

October 11th 2019, 10:39 am

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